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Doris Morris

Doris Morris and the Invasion of the Neighbours
Written by Janet Kelly
Illustrated by Sam Porter
Bobaloo £12.99
ISBN: 978-0993509100

Doris Morris is a cat – she is rude, has bad manners, is picky about her food and only likes catching mice to bite their heads off. Ted and Amy love her but their parents are not too sure. They consider her to be old, dirty and smelly. Two very bad neighbourhood cats, Gangsta Cat & Lizzy, keep turning up when the family are out and making life miserable for Doris by their bad antics, for which she gets the blame.

Discovering this, Ted and Amy come up with a clever plan which catches the intruders in the act and ensures their parents realise that Doris is not to blame after all. Written in rhyme, this is a fun picture book that is ideal for both reading aloud or for children to enjoy reading alone. Bright, vibrant illustrations, that are full of humour, work very well with the text as does the elongated format of the book.

Annie Everall


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