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Written by Berlie Doherty
Andersen Press £7.99
ISBN: 978-1849391214

When Will Montague’s brother dies in a swimming accident at sea, his father appears to the secretly blame him for the death of his favourite son. Will is sent away to London where he enters the Court of King Henry VIII. The young boy is given the task of looking after the king’s son, Prince Edward and quickly becomes his favourite. But the hot-tempered king is fickle, and his moods change on a whim.

When Will’s father is thrown into Newgate prison for refusing to sign the Act of Supremacy, the boy runs away from court determined to save him from the gallows. These were dangerous times and Carnegie Medal Winner, Berlie Doherty, deftly captures the tension that Catholics felt as their beliefs were undermined by the tyrannical behaviour of a king who placed himself at the head of the church and removed England from Papal authority. This gripping story, packed full of authentic detail from the Tudor period, also shows how family bonds never die.
Richard Monte

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