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A Quiet Quiet House

A Quiet Quiet House
Written by Georgiana Deutsch
Illustrated by Ekaterina Trukhan Little Tiger £10.99
ISBN: 978-1848699663

A peek-through mystery that has immediate appeal via an assortment of cut-outs on the cover. Each page features bright, cheerful illustrations of a tall thin house alongside its neighbouring property. At first the house is quiet and empty but a collection of mice arrive, one-by-one, each using a different mode of transport and each carrying a different shaped package. As the house fills up you can see the mice through cut-outs undertaking a range of activities and the scene goes from quiet to being very loud with the neighbouring cat telling them to “Shhhh” because they’re too noisy!

The story is told in rhyme with lots of repetition - “down a quiet quiet street”, “what could be inside?” – allowing children to quickly join in and prompting questions about what is going on. This book is about different vehicles, instruments, colours and weather but they are introduced through the story in a clever and subtle way.
Barbara Band



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